Tuesday, May 22, 2007

They're Done

These are the official first finished object of subdue it with a sweater. Apparently if you knit on a project, it gets finished. Who would've guessed?


What we have here is a pair of Trekking XXL socks in a mens size twelve. These are knit is a 5x1 rib in a standard sock pattern on size one addi turbos (2.25mm) using the magic loop method. Somebody really ought to come up with a less dorky name for a relatively sophisticated technique.
I started these last August and finished on the 21st of May. I know. Laziness is next to, I don't know, awesomeness? Maybe not, but hey look! Socks!


I really need to work on that focus thing.


That is one handsome sock, if I do say so myself.


Jackie said...

Great socks James. I really like the 5x1 ribbing... very nice.

Sacha said...

Those look so comfortable. You've convinced me to try the yarn out.

Fantastic job. :)

Amie said...

Wait, you have to do WHAT to finish a project? Knit?
The hell you say!

Knitterbug said...

Way to go James! I love the color and the pattern. Looks like I'm off to buy more sock yarn!

knititch said...

wonderful socks, wonderful cat, wonderful andrew, and tattoos. congratulations on the socks. actually a much more time-consuming project than many sweaters.

Dulcedosa said...

Recently, I'm obsessed with Trekking XXL. What colorway did you use?