Friday, May 11, 2007

Better Half.

This is my better half Andrew.

Andrew is great, let me count the ways.
1. He buys me much better yarn than I would buy myself
2. He buys really expensive yarn for himself that he will never knit therefore I appropriate it.
3. He never questions my need for pattern books.
4. He wears things I knit for him. Well, sort of. He picked out a series of lime green and orange accessories that remain relatively unworn. To be fair, the striped stocking cap could comfortably fit one of those 4 foot tall genetically modified watermelons.
5. Last but not least, he knits. A little.

knit 004
I promise that I'm not using this picture for some gratuitous skin in order to boost my readership. This is what he happened to be wearing when I came across him knitting. Since that only happens about once every three months, I had to take the picture super fast.