Saturday, May 19, 2007

Almost There

I swear to God the socks are going to be finished soon. I would show you pictures, but I figure that seeing another 3/4" worth of progress really won't excite you the way it does me, so here's the photo of my next project:

It's the Bobb Dobbs sweater from Domiknitrix. The astute of you will notice that the vest has already made an appearance on the blog and has its own progress bar indicating that it is 40% done. This is because I have the back finished and I'm pretty sure the knitting of the intarsia fair isle front will be much more entertaining to watch than the brown stockinette back. For those of you who like looking at picture after picture of brown stockinette, have no fear. I am a huge fan of brown and happen to have a LOT of brown yarn with which to entertain ya'll with.
I'm really hoping that the immense amount of brown knitting that is going to cover these pages in the next few months will be informative, interesting and or moving really quickly. I promise to throw in some color to keep us all from dying of boredom. Over and out.


Sheknits said...

How could I own this book and not remember this vest, er I meant the model in the vest? *runs upstairs to whip out her copy* Your blog is nice...wish i could learn how to put those progress bars on mine. I'm having a give away for comments on my blog if you want to come take a peek-
knit on-

Sacha said...

I'm looking forward to the progress on that. :)

Brown is OK by me, but the kitties are cute too. ;)

I tagged you for a meme, come visit for details. (and I'm terribly sorry if you've done it already or aren't into this stuff)