Monday, May 14, 2007


Thanks to Knitterbug, I now have working progress bars! She is a genius, I say. I also got some work done on my sock.

The black strip of mystery turned out fine. I should have known to trust those clever Germans to correctly ply my beloved yarn. The heel and gusset are done, now just 10 more inches of foot to go.

(you can make it, you can make it...)


Anne said...

Oh nice picture - I just got some yarn from a friend in a swap that has a similar sort of plying, and I was kind of wondering how that might impact how the sock worked up when I do attempt them again (I've had very bad luck with a sock recently :P)

Very nice blog! And 2 males who knit.. what will the world come up with next?? ;)

Sacha said...

That looks pretty warm. How does it feel on the skin?

James said...

Sacha said...

"That looks pretty warm. How does it feel on the skin?"
It's not overwhelmingly warm. The yarn is super thin, and the resulting fabric is very light. I knit a pair for my dad for Christmas and they fit like dress socks.

Probably Jane said...

Love the sock - I'm in the middle of a pair myself although mine are more in the retina scorching range. I enjoy the randomness of the striping don't you?

Knitterbug said...

Ah, thanks James!
Your socks rock, btw!