Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Although I worked on Sunday, I got to go to Atlanta yesterday and hang out with my mom for Mother's day. I met her at her office and we ate cheeseburgers, talked about art, childhood trauma and the nature of existence. Of course, there was much knitting to be had as well.

My mom just learned to knit this past year in expectation of her first grandkid. We had a false start about 2 years ago that involved a pound 'o love and a garter stitch blanket that never should have been allowed into existence, but now we're on the right track. She has knit some really awesome stuff for my nephew out of really beautiful yarn. Check this out:

See that? That's for me! She's knitting me a scarf out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to keep me warm in Chicago. What a lucky boy am I! That panel will be sewn to a chocolate brown panel she knit me for my birthday and soon I will have the hippest scarf in the Midwest!

While she has knit for her friends and family, my mom has never knit for herself. Enter the presents.


I got her two balls of Artyarns Regal Silk in color 137. Apparently it's pink. My color blind ass thought it was off-white and grey. No matter, she loves it and when she visits me in Chicago this winter I'll help her make something really awesome out of it. In the meantime, if you had about 300 yards of sportweight silk, what would you make?
I hope you all had a great Mother's day and called your moms to thank them for resisting the urge to bury you under the back deck numerous times during your adolescence. There were several close calls for me.


Sacha said...

Wow, what a lucky mom. :) I'm not a fan of pink most of the time, but I do like that.

I'd think I'd use a simple lace pattern with it.

Zia said...

Hey that's some yummy yarn your mom is working with!
Thanks for the compliment about my wrap top.. but didn't you like my sewing machine joke? :(
I thought it was very funny - hehe.
You're a fantastic knitter too. :)

Nikki said...

So nice of your mother to make you that scarf for when you come to Chicago. You'll need it. For real.

Hmm, 2 hanks of regal silk. What about one of those wimple things? You can wear it around the neck and then pull it over the head when it gets very cold. Or you could make a nice pair of long gloves with that amount, I think.

Sarah said...

two things:

1. it is so great that your mom knits too, how cute.

2. i love that andrew knits. i'm jealous of the yarn appropriation. seems unfair. i want my gf to acquire yarn that i can appropriate...