Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Still Going

I am not a sock a week kind of knitter. I normally work on them for not only months, but seasons. The trekking sock is moving right along, though. It's amazing that I can knit 4 inches of foot in 3 days but I started these socks last August. Hopefully I will be done pretty close to the start of next week.


Unfortunately, I've already picked out two new pairs of socks I want to knit. I'll just add them to the next pair I have to knit, the two sweaters, pair of gloves, hat and multiple scarves in the line up. Those items can be started as soon as I knock out the WIPs I've got now. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time while I start grad school this fall, right? Oh well, at least projects in yarn form are nice to look at too.

That's Pastaza, a bulky single ply 50/50 wool/llama blend. It really is that color, too. Be still my heart.


Amie said...

They're looking great! If you're worried you don't have enough to knit, I can pass a few WIPs your way...

Pardon me for getting a giggle out of seeing hairy legs poking out there - not something you see too often in knit-blog-land without apologies! ;D

Sacha said...

Amie is right, they are kind of refreshing. (The hairy legs that is)

Lovely pictures.

Jackie said...

Love the socks (and the hairy legs) ;-) and the Pastaza is yummy looking.

Alyssa said...

I just love Trekking socks, but they do seem to take longer to knit then any other type of sock.

And honestly, the only way I survived law school was by knitting. You'll find the time. :)