Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Alchemical Process

I know, lofty, convoluted title, but bear with me. I had a ball of Noro Silk Garden left over from a scarf project that was just sitting around with no apparent purpose, so I cast on to see what I could make.

feather and fan

The colors are amazing, no? They remind me of alchemical process changing lead into copper and gold. I was knitting at Main Street
yesterday and everyone asked me what I was knitting, to which I could only shrug and say "I dunno". Anita said, "Sometimes projects let you know what they want to be in time." To which the other James responded, "More so for James'(me) projects than anyone else, though."
That is a jab at my ability to accidentally screw myself over by altering patterns for size and loftier technical difficulty. They have seen more than one "Hey I have an idea!" turn out badly. I would have loved to remind them that I haven't made anymore major knitting disasters than they have, however, upon blocking my new one-ball masterpiece, I discovered that I have created my very own lace pattern.
The feather and fan pattern I had intended on using turned into a diagonal feather and fan due to some fiddling I did with my stitch markers to make the pattern easier to memorize. It didn't help that I forgot that I made said adjustments a third of the way through and didn't remember until I was two-thirds done. Oh well. It got me again. I've got to hand it to myself, though. Apparently I'm becoming increasingly adept at divining the intended existential destiny of fiber. I'm sure that this is exactly what this particular ball of yarn wanted to be. Join me tomorrow so we can figure out what the hell this object wants to be.

fan and feather

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Virtuous said...

LOL! Now you know I am in LOVE with NORO. I just finished playing with some more SG. What colorway is your mystery project in? Can't wait to see your lace object determined a purpose! :o)