Thursday, July 12, 2007


Andrew went up to Chicago this week to find us an apartment and took the computer with him. My job was to pack the kitchen. Andrew: mission accomplished. James: heh. I got absolutely no packing done since the last post, but I did bang out a serious pile of finished objects. Chicago gets cold.

First off we have the gloves:


I freaking love them. I've been planning this project for two years and I'm so excited that they're finished. I loved knitting them so much that I was genuinely sad when I cast off the last stitch. There is a hand modeling shot coming up, I couldn't wear 'em yet because they're still wet.

Next we have the cowl thing:


This came out a little weird due to the shorter (one skein) length that I preferred to the slouched Edwardian look of the original pattern. The cowl fits over my head, but is too loose to adequately warm the neck. I think I'm in love with the diagonal feather and fan action, though.

Finally there is the Manly Angora Scarf:


I'll weave in the ends and wash it this afternoon, but I declare it done. It measures a good seven and a half feet, plenty long enough to wrap twice. I really like the random striping, especially since the colors are so subtle I wasn't able to tell the difference in incandescent light.

scarf 2

Fluffy, fluffy angora.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Glad you have your priorities straight!;) All you FOs look fantastic, esp. the scarf!

xtina said...

yes, that scarf is most excellent looking. I'm even liking it with the ends not woven in yet!

VaxGirl said...

Love the gloves! I wish I had the patience to work the fingers. And isn't it amazing the things you can accomplish when you're trying to avoid something else? My apartment was never as clean as it was when I was supposed to be working on my senior project in college.

Probably Jane said...

Blimey you've been busy! All cracking stuff - especially the gloves. Did you know you can get specially tiny dpns for glove fingers? Mine make me very happy. I am easily pleased.

Liz said...

Mmmm, that cashmere looks nice! That is my most hated job, weaving in ends. Good luck. Better than packing though!

Liz said...

oops, I meant angora!