Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moving On

The last couple of days I've gotten home from work, picked up my knitting for about 3-4 stitches and then passed out. I imagine that working at this pace indefinitely would really make for poor progress, not to mention increase the impossible nature of Christmas knitting. Unfortunately, the knitting is going to stay at a tortoise-like pace for the next month as I'm packing up my kittens and my Andrew and moving cross country at the end of July. I did make some progress on my left glove.


Yes, this is the same amount of knitting I was able to do in two days on the right glove, only it took twelve.
Right now I'm staring at a pile of flattened boxes and shelves of stuff that really needs to go in them. So I think I'm going to knit for a while. Don't judge me.


Alyssa said...

I'm moving across the country this summer too and I know I much prefer knitting to packing.
The glove is looking nice...though looking at anything warm right now in the midst of the Chicago heat is killing me.

Virtuous said...

James!! So good to hear from you!
Where are you moving to??

I completely understand about not getting any progress done on the knitting.

You will get your groove back soon! :o)

Hope your move is painless!!

VaxGirl said...

Cross country, pretty exciting! Best of luck with your move.

The_Add_Knitter said...

No judgement!;)

Your glove is the perfect shade of brown...