Saturday, July 7, 2007

Only Today

*Note: while this entry may not have pictures and may seem to run off on tangents, I swear to God that it's so worth it. Continue*
So, I normally carry a camera with me to capture exciting moments, only to never find anything exciting. This was not the case today, in both regards. I left my camera battery charging while I was at work and figured I'd come home and try to work on the manual focus function. As I was finishing up work, my friend Michelle called me and asked me if I wanted to go with her to feed a bull. I said "Of course!" (duh). So, we traveled out to the UGA pastures to pet the boy cow. Unfortunatly, he felt like hanging out in the other side of his pen. That's ok, 'cause the pen next to him had sheep! I'd never seen sheep in real life and I was super excited. That is why I didn't expect my particular first sheep reaction. Frankly I was terrified.
First of all, the male sheep was the size of Michelle and I put together. Second he had those crazy coin slot pupils. Third he had balls the size of two Nerf footballs! All this covered in wool. Michelle started to pet him and he began grunting, licking and urinating. I was intrigued. I had to try this for myself (petting the sheep). He was super friendly and wanted more attention. I decide that I should knit him a testicle cozy. I was thinking something in a coral and aqua self-striping sock yarn. The pasture fun ended when Michelle jumped the fence into the bull pen and offered the boy cow a carrot. The Bull took this as a threat, or at least an annoyance, and decided to kick up dirt and half heartedly charge at her. It was time to go.
We then went to Goodwill where I found a hand knit Dale of Norway. Unfortunatly, it was handknit in the eighties, and while remarkably well preserved, it was fugly. I'm talking navy, fuschia, purple and white. It had ribbing instead of hems at the sleeves and body. It was really itchy and I looked like street hustler who raided Heathcliff Huxtable's closet (again, no camera to be found). I could have looked past most of this if it weren't for the really ugly purl stitch pattern on the body and sleeves. I debated for a while because normally I would have bought it ($4.29!) but I couldn't justify moving a 4lb sweater that I would never wear to Chicago with me. Alas. We decide to leave and stuff our sweet faces with Chinese food.
On the way to dinner, we totally saw a car chase! Some fool driving down a two lane country road at breakneck speed evading the six police cars behind him. While I still didn't have my camera, it was not unlike this. What a day to be without documentation! Maybe it was the Fates' way of showing me to pay more attention to my truly bizarre surroundings.
I must give warning that I will be without a computer for the next few days as Andrew is off to Chicago to find us an apartment. I will miss you all dearly, but I will spend the week packing, knitting, weaving in ends, blocking etc. so there will be something to look at on Thursday. Y'all be good and I'll see you next week!


kim said...

Oh my gosh, of all the days to be camera-less!

Sheep are scary. Goats? Like scary sheep X a billion. They say they are herbivores. I say they've just never been caught.

Alyssa said...

I'm moving from Chicago to the land of sheep (Oregon) at the end of the month. I just love sweaters with legs. :)

The_Add_Knitter said...

I was just at a friend's sheep farm and man oh man are those rams aggressive. One of them pinned my friend against the barn door when he had his back turned. Never trust a creature with coin slot eyes!!!

xtina said...

Damn! But just think about it this way: if you'd had your camera, probably none of that would have happened. Ain't it always the way?!

Jackie said...

Don't you just hate when that happens. Loved the story about the bull feeding and LMAO over the mental visual of the bull ball cozies. All the best on your move.. and I don't envy you on that ;-)

melanie said...

Hey - welcome to Chicago! Chicago is awesome and some of my favorite people live there. And (being from Atlanta), I can probably assure you that it's way more fun than Athens. ;)

Thank you for the fantastic image of a bull ball cozy. Make sure to post that pattern when you come up with it!

(found you on the tattoo group in ravelry)