Thursday, July 5, 2007

Knitting Dorks Unite!

So, I'm super excited to have received my invitation to be a beta tester for ravelry.
While I know that the site is open to everyone (it really is! Just put your name on the waiting list!), I still feel like I got asked to sit at the cool-kids' table in the high school cafeteria of online knitting. I'm using the stash documentation process as a motivation to pack. Take a picture of yarn, it goes in the box. Take picture of book, put your junk in dat box.
Seriously, how dorky (seriously cool!) is it to catalog every ball of yarn you ever bought so that you can look for the dyelot? Even better, you can look at other people's dyelots! Before I started reading blogs I never knew that I could spend days looking at partially knit sweaters and socks on the internet. Just give me a week and I'll be cross checking dyelots of the same yarns world wide! Yipee-ki-yay y'all! Please! Get on the waiting list so I can look at your stash! If you're already a raveler, I'm James on the site, drop bye and say hi!


Virtuous said...

LOL @ Yipee-ki-yay :oD

Hopefully I will get my invite soon and I can be apart of your lunch table to add you as one of my friends! :op

Don't let Ravelry eat up too much of your packing time!

See you i blogland again soon and hopefully soon on Ravelry too!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, Ravelry is amazing. My favorite feature is the ability to look up patterns and see what yarn people have used for them, it makes substitutions to much easier!! On Ravelry, I'm 'addknitter'. In fact Ravelry was how I found your blog!;)

uberstrickenfrau said...

Hi! I came over from Add Knitters blog, your comment about Joplin cracked me up!!! My in-laws live in Carthage , and BOY! The nuts don't fall from the tree.I just had to thank you for making me laugh!

Chelsea said...

Knitting dork here. I love ravelry too. I just saw your post so I thought that I'd check you out before just adding you to my friends. You know, it's scary out there in the ravelry world. There's some really freaky people out there. ;)

Anonymous said...

ok.. anyone who uses the "Junk in a Box" reference is alright by me. That makes me laugh every time!

Welcome to the Dark Side my friend!