Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Like a...

I spent most of this past weekend doing research and attending to some family matters but I was able to get some knitting done yesterday.


I went to knit at Main Street last night and thankfully Stephanie gave me some advice on glove construction. My pattern has all of the fingers knit from the same round. This would result in an ill fitting fouchette around the little and ring fingers. Right now I'm sort of terracing the fingers so it fits much more comfortably.

I also got some knitting done on Bob.


I'm really enjoying the intarsia. I have, however, been known to break out into a sweat when I realize that after starting a new length of yarn, the next row needs another length, in the same color and general area, just six stitches over. I'm 12 rows into the chart and this is what the back looks like:


I'm pumped.

In other news, do any of you guys know what this is?


It's the most unusual thing I have. More on this later. Y'all have a bang up day.


Probably Jane said...

Nice work! Those gloves should a glove. One of the pleasures of making things yourself is to attend to small details of fit and function.

As to your mystery object - looks like a set of dreads to me.

Virtuous said...

I hear that gloves are the new socks! ;o)

I can't even begin to wrap my mind around finger gloves right now! Let me start off with socks first! Haha!

LOL @ breakout in sweat! :oD

Eeeww @ mystery ball of yarn

Nikki said...

Your gloves are looking great and leaving me feeling like a punk for not working more diligently on my Breakfast at Cafe du Monde gloves. For real, though, I'll get right on those before chilly season comes.

But your Bob sweater, too cool, and you are a bigger man than me (that's probably a good thing) for sticking with that intarsia. I did one little heart in intarsia and was done. It will be most fly when you are done, though.