Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's Next?

Alright, the second glove is moving along a wee bit slower than the first and Bob is, ahem, taking a breather as my feeble brain can't handle the ever changing amount of yarn strands that grace his beautiful face right now. So, I will show you yarn for my next few projects. Note: I am a deceptively slow knitter so please ignore the dust on the yarn.

First we have some Rowan Big Wool in Best Brown.


This will be a cardigan of some type to keep Andrew's skinny ass warm in Chicago. I'm betting I can knit this sucker in a week.

Next we have my new winter sweater.


This is about 11-12 balls of Manos in color 108. It will be a zip up raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm super stoked about this because I've had half of the yarn for about 3 years and now my plan for my first sweater that I'm not embarrassed to leave the house in is almost complete.

The next collection of yarn is much more speculative in nature.


It's 8 balls of sport weight alpaca that have no intended purpose whatsoever. For some reason I have a tendency to buy single balls of sport weight alpaca just because. I don't get it either. Anyway, I know that I'm a big fan of the solid dreary man-colors, but I was thinking that this could be the start of a really great Kaffe Fasset-esque sweater, much like this one...


Too Heathecliff Huxtable? I don't know. I figured it would be perfect for a baby sweater but the only baby I know lives in San Diego and what freak in their right mind knits a baby sweater out of alpaca? (Note: if you happen to be knitting a baby sweater out of alpaca, I'm totally not talking about you.) Do I really want to knit a sweater in sport weight that I will probably never wear? Maybe I'll find a new friend with really bad taste. Let's hope.


Virtuous said...

I LOVE Manos! I so want some!

I was just going to comment how you like dark colors!

Ha! @ if you are knitting a baby alpaca sweater! Tee Hee!

I hope you get your mojo back soon!

knititch said...

yes you can knit it in a week. but what is the problem with a baby sweater in alpaca???? i have made several. cheap and cuddly.

Shannon said...

Love that manos. Share some with me...

Nikki said...

I agree that alpaca would be too itchy for baby skin. I find most alpaca prickly and a bit irritating on my neck and other sensitive skin areas. It's so deceptive, cuz it feels so wonderful on your hands and while you're knitting it.

So, did you knit that sweater in a week? Huh, huh? I love Rowan yarns, but cursed weak dollar/ strong pound makes them mega expensive. :(