Friday, June 1, 2007

New Books


I bought some books this week. One is Knit Two Together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark. The first time I looked at the book I was underwhelmed and Andrew said I called it "stupid" and "tacky". I saw some images online the other day and was all "Those are freaking awesome! What book is that?" Yep. I bought it immediately. I'm pretty sure I love it still, which is good, because I've loved Tracey Ullman since I was a little knitter. This is not a critique, but I'm a little frightened by the amount of pattern books being produced by Los Angeles yarn stores. If you happen to own a yarn shop in Los Angeles and have published, are publishing or thinking of publishing a completely different book of your own super original patterns, disregard me. I'm only talking about the other Los Angeles yarn shops that have, are or will produce a completely different book of their own super original patterns. That said, Mel Clark does have some mad design skills and her book really is worth having.

The other book is a 1972 10th edition of Davis-Chris Textbook of Surgery. I snagged it for $2.50 at Goodwill. Score!

What's the likely hood of me knitting anything from Knit 2 Together?
About as likely as me performing a Clinical Pulmonary Transplant, but the pictures are fun to look at.


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Virtuous said...

I LOVE that book!! Did you see me talk about it on my blog about a week or so ago?? Great buy!! And I only got it for NINE bucks! What a steal!

The Doctor Bag is one of many things on my list to knit!

Hey could you e-mail me at crimsondiva1999ATyahooDOTcom please? :o) Thx!