Friday, October 12, 2007

What Homework?

Like I said, I've been fitting knitting time in whenever possible, which is completely unlike me. I'm normally a very lazy knitter who prefers to read blogs, buy yarn and plan sweaters 3 years in advance. This is everything I've been knitting for the past few weeks:

I was caught downtown a few days ago in a t-shirt in fifty degree weather, necessatating a store bought sweater. I bought one on my break that looks like something i would knit myself, except it was missing elbow patches, so I knit some:

elbow patch

The patches are knit out of knitpicks telemark on size 2 needles. I haven't had time to block them and sew the suckers on, but all in good time.

I'm knitting a scarf on the train:


This scarf is really killing my fragile knitter ego. First of all, the yarn is beautiful, soft and spongey. Run it through my grubby man-hands and it becomes snagged, pilled and hairy. I'm trying to compensate by handling it more gently, but that results in really ugly stitches. It kind of looks like I was knitting baby cables. The best I can hope for at this point is a bohemian look. Le sigh.

I started knitting Major from Rowan. Well, kind of. I had to use a completely different pattern due to Rowan's really awful sizing issues and worse schematics. I'll add the details from the origional pattern to a sweater sized for a human being and all will be well.


*Note: Please ignore the awful lighting. I knit this in my studio, where natural light is only spoken about in rumor. That also explains why I've only knit 5 inches of the back of a sweater knit on size 17 needles. Don't judge me. I do plan on passing this semester.

I'm still knitting the zipped raglan. I finished the body and have started a sleeve. I'm knitting the smallest size, but I knit it to the length of the large. This may be finished one day. I'm aiming for Thanksgiving. Please do not hold back ridicule if the end of November comes and I have a body and half of a sleeve knit. Be cruel, otherwise how am I ever going to learn?

sweater deck

And a sleeve:



Anonymous said...

Loving the elbow patch customization. Your knits are coming along great! I wish I had something half as cool as that zippered raglan to showcase on my blog.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I know, Rowan's schematics are insanely inscrutable!

Virtuous said...

Dang your needles have been clicking!!

I love that yarn on the scarf. What kind is it??

You should treat yourself to a nice manicure so you won't snag the beautiful yarn!

Keep those needles smokin'

Charles said...

I can't wait to see the patch sew into the sweather!

Ragan coming out great!
13 size needle? WOW..Large needle!

sko_G knits said...

i hear ya about rowan. i have a couple of sweaters in queue from rowan, but still in queue because i haven't had the patience to recalculate them to fit the human shape.

looks like you actually ARE getting a lot of knitting done!!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog. I read everything in one sitting. Too much time to kill at work. Anyhow, have you met the girls at Loopy Yarns yet? The Knitter's Niche is fine, but Mary Anne scares me a little.

Probably Jane said...

According to the Elle that I read in the hairdressers today, this year's look is 'techno bohemian'. Now I am enough of an old fart to imagine that means an astronaut's helmet and a paisley frock so I'll take your brand of bohemian any day!

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