Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crunch Time

Hey y'all! So, for the past three weeks I've been busting it in the studio, trying to get ready for a show on Sunday and finish some entries for a few film festivals. While I like to consider myself a relatively laidback kind of guy, when I have deadlines, I'm more of a wild-eyed, don't know if I'm gonna knife ya or cry kinda guy.

I will post some pictures after the show so we can all look, discuss, and determine if I'd be more suited to a career in the sitting at home and watching The People's Court industry.
Until then, I have this:


These are some t-shirts I've been dyeing for a project in May. There are 30lbs of 'em in 7 colors. While most every 12 year old can successfully dye a t-shirt, it took me three tries to get it right. Three freaking times. You would think that with all of my experience dyeing wool and reading about fiber that I would have been smart enough to realize that the dye I was using was acid dye and not cellulose-reactive dye. Hmmm. Strike one.

At least while I waited for each load of [7(colors)x3(dye failures)=loser] to wash and dry, I knit the sleeve of my Zipped Raglan. I would be able to show you said sleeve if I hadn't left it in my studio. Strike two.
However, I can show you guys the beautiful yarn I bought months ago to make my winter hat:

mountain goat

See that? My colorblind ass thought that was grey. If I knit a hat out of that, I'll look like a freaking easter egg. That's right, strike three. Damn.

So let's recap. Colorblind artist can't figure out why he can't dye cotton with wool dye on the first two tries. Thank god I love Judge Joe Matthus.


Anonymous said...

[folk wisdom] Bad things come in threes, so now you're safe :) [/folk wisdom]

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

The People's Court: if a career is to be had there, my dentist would've found it long ago as that show is ALWAYS on in his waiting room and I love it.
Q: Please suggest the cool LYSs in Chicago as I'm going to be staying in the Loop on Friday for a meeting!

Anonymous said...

Are you full-out colorblind, or just some colors, or just not bright?

Probably Jane said...

You could always embrace your inner Easter egg.

DebbieKnitter said...

LOL sorry for laughing but other then myself, you are the first knitter/fiber fan I have ever met that is also color blind LOL. I go to a Knitting class every Wednesday and the instructor is my best friend, I always have her pick my colors out for projects LOL.
I still get a cheap giggle when people come up to me and ask "Do these colors match"...*sheepish grin*...my response you ask..."Looks great to me" LOL I know, I am sick,sick,sick I tell ya LOL. I love your knits, very nice.