Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey guys! I always said that I would never apologize for not blogging enough, because frankly, we all have lives and it makes for some seriously boring reading. So I won't do that. What I will do is take you all on the adventure that has been my life since my last (meager) post.

After searching my rat's nest of a house for my camera cord with no success, I resigned myself to buying a new one. I had to go to seven (7!) stores to find the correct cable. With this small success under my belt, I can show you photos.


So, this may or may not be the bread I wrote about in my last post. I'm not sure of the stigma and or ethics of posting photos taken a month ago and already blogged about. But look! Apparently I can bake now!


This is no small miracle, my friends. I managed a freakin' artisan bakery for two (2!) years, worked with some of the finest bakers in the south, and never made a desirable loaf of bread.

On to production:
So my knitting has been moving at the most zen-like pace for months now. For example, I sat down in my studio the other day after a really tough critique, picked up the sock (singular) that I have been working on since, oh, August, and turned the heel. So I'm averaging about 1.5 stitches a day. I'm okay with this. My production focus has been on other things as the end of the semester looms.

Take these for example:

antibiotic marshmallows

These are Num-Nums, The World's First Antibiotic Marshmallows. They're cute and kind of creepy.


This is what I do with my time. I create companies, factories, labs and stores that make and sell the world's most antagonistic products. And my parents are worried about the practical applications of a Master's degree in performance art. Pshaw.


At least I get to knit today while I wait for help de-installing this monstrocity.


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Oh my, where to begin? If you are calling antibiotic marshmallows antagonistic, then I think we certainly don't see eye to eye...I say ALL medication should be in marshmallow form!!

Did you work at 'Big City Bread' by any chance?

kim said...

Your marshmallow project looks so, so cool. Please invent next a Grape Robitusson soda.

KnitXcorE said...

ummmmm.... creepier than willy wonka? probably.
would i eat them? absolutely.


Anonymous said...

Ew. Is that real antibiotics, or just agar? Ew.

Anonymous said...

great job!
I should consider to change my job :)