Saturday, December 8, 2007

That's How We Do

I've been so busy with school lately that all of my knitting time comes in 20 minute spurts. After that, I'm overcome with guilt and must get back to my death grip on the semester. Couple that with the miles of brown ribbing I'm churning out and my knitting life seems to be rather lack luster. However, now that the semester is almost over, I allowed myself to sit and knit a project from start to finish.


I needed a gift for an exchange at work, so I decided to knit a hat. Unlike my usual M.O., this hat has color, stripes and the illest reindeer you've ever seen.


How 'bout we see that one more time.

That's right. Can you say dope?

I love this hat so much, I didn't even mind weaving in the mounds of ends.

loose ends

I asked Andrew to model it for me:



The hat fits perfectly, which kind of sucks because it grew substantially after blocking. We'll see what it looks like when it dries. If it's still huge, I'm bringing the world's most bad ass tea cozy to the company holiday party.


Team Knit ! said...

It's fantastic! And who wouldn't love those reindeer? Hope it still fits, now that it's dry!
- Julie

The_Add_Knitter said...

LOVE IT! You should make another one for Andrew, and I hope you don't come home with a Yankee Candle after all that work...;)

KnitXcorE said...

that hat is phreshashell. i love it.

Anonymous said...

That hat is so cute! My boyfriend makes about the same face when I ask him to pose with handknits.

Do I really need a google/blogger account to comment? :(

Kim @ yarnabuse.

Virtuous said...

OMG! That is one bad azz exchange gift!!

LOL @ bad azz tea cozy!!

Good to hear from you!

Kyle said...

that's a super cool hat - love the reindeer - and it makes me want to work at your office... and be lucky enough to get an awesome gift like that in an exchange!

David Demchuk said...

So, did it fit in the end? Did everyone at work rant and rave over it? I have to say it looks great on Andrew, though he has that "Here I am, modeling a hat" look.

Probably Jane said...

I love the parade of elderly reindeer on that hat - I hope Santa is kind to his retired beasts - as the RSPCA would say - 'A reindeer is for life, not just for Christmas.'